DHI (Direct Hair Implantation)

DHI (Direct Hair Implantation)

DHI, which is referred to as “Direct Hair Transplantation” or “direct hair implantation”, is the direct transplantation of hair without the canal opening phase. That is the main difference with FUE method. However just like with the FUE technique, (or Sapphire FUE method), the healthy follicles of the hair are taken one by one from the donor area.


DHI hair transplantation, sometimes referred to as the “Pen Method” in some sources. In the DHI hair transplantation technique, hair follicles are also transplanted with help of a Choi pen, which is a surgical pen varying between 0.6-1.0mm, Extracted grafts are separated and cleaned.. Transplantation of the hair is carried out directly at one time by transplanting the hair with a Choi pen without any incision or canal opening beforehand. One of the features that make the DHI technique stand out is that it can be done without the need for cutting or shaving the hair completely After DHI hair transplantation, there are no stitches or scars, and rapid recovery is observed. Patients who wants to  return to their daily lives faster and do not want a shaved image can prefer this technique. When considering which merhod to use it is best  to consult  the experienced  physician who will recommend on thefield of hair transplantation. In case of patient requests, it is not recommended to operate without the approval of the hair transplant coordinator. The hair, skin of each individual, the quality of the donor and the size of the transplantation area may not be suitable for the pen to be used.


The primary points that professionals consider when deciding on DHI hair transplantation are the structure of the hair and scalp and the size of the area to be transplanted. People with certain hair length and thickness are perfect candidates for DHI hiar transplantation because the grafted areas can mix and match with existing hair for a natural look.


DHI Hair Transplantation Technique Consists of 2 Basic Stages:


Stage 1: Hair Extraction Stage from the Donor Area


Healthy and good quality hair follicles in the donor area are loosened with a micro motor tool and then collected one by one with forceps. Since the grafts to be transplanted contain a piece of tissue and hair follicles, they are grouped separately. The most suitable angle and direction are determined so that the hair follicles can be planted at the appropriate angle and direction. The collected healthy hair follicles are placed one by one into the Choi pen, which is specially designed for the DHI method and has a tip in accordance with the hair thickness and root of the person to be transplanted.


Stage 2: Hair Transplantation


As mentioned above, hair follicles in special Choi pens are placed in the area to be transplanted by forming circles without opening any channels or incisions. After DHI hair transplantation, there is very little damage to the skin, and rapid recovery is observed.


Advantages of DHI Hair Transplantation

  • DHI hair transplantation does not require shaving by means of the use of special Choi pen during transplantation.
  • With DHI hair transplantation, it is easy to enter the parts of the hair where the hair is not completely shed.
  • There is no canal opening step in the DHI method.
  • The total time of the operation is shortened as the patient does not need to wait between sessions.
  • Opening the canal and placing the roots immediately ensures that root loss is minimal.


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