Sapphire FUE

Sapphire FUE

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is not a hair transplant method, rather a procedure. It is the process of extracting hair follicles from the donor area as single units called grafts with a special tipped micromotor device. There can be multiple hair roots or hair follicle in another name graft.


Those who know the FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) technique may wonder about the difference with  the FUE hair transplantation technique. The difference is the removal process of grafts from the donor areaas mentioned above. In the FUT hair transplantation technique, hair follicles were taken from the donor area of the patient as a strip and then individual grafts were taken from this strip. The FUT technique leaves a permanent suture mark on the strip side taken from the donor area of the patients.


Sapphire mineral has a unique sharpness and fineness and is among the most valuable natural stones after diamond. In the Sapphire FUE technique, the channels of the hair are opened with a special pen with a sapphire tip. The fact that sapphire is sharper than steel ensures a healthier and more aesthetic process. Thanks to the newly developed technology, even scarring formed in the areas where the canal is opened is at a minimum level and very rapid recovery is observed.


Utilizing the sapphire-tipped pen, the microchannels can be opened in size and angle that is most suitable for the person’s natural hair. These microchannels  opened to the  natural size are fully compatible with the patient’s hair follicle, which allows a hair transplant experience where the hair follicles can be transplanted at more frequent intervals.


High volume of donor transplants  and trailing the hair texture during transplant stagealso allows people to have a full and natural appearance.


Anesthesia Stage before Hair Transplantation


The donor area from which the hair follicles will be taken is first anaesthetized with a painless local anesthesia device that does not have a needle, thanks to the latest technology. The anesthetic substance placed inside the device is injected under the tissue with pressure. The area numbed with a painless anesthesia device is then anaesthetized with a needle, but in this numbing, the patients do not feel pain because of the previous anesthesia. For the rest of the procedure to be painless, it is very important to get enough anesthesia. The device used does not have any side effects, it makes it easier to soothe the stress for individuals with needle phobia and low pain tolerance.


Sapphire FUE hair transplantation is based on three steps.


Stage 1: Hair Retrieval


It is necessary to determine the area to be transplanted, establish the number of grafts that will be required, examining the health of the donor area and whether it is sufficient for this first step to be done. The sufficient number of grafts from the donor area are taken into special solutions with the micromotor technique one by one for transplant.


Grafts can have one, two, three, four or five hair follicles. A graft corresponds to an average of 2.5 or 2.7 hair follicles. Retrieving grafts from the donor area requires many years of experience and knowledge, so it should be done in a very reliable and reputable clinic.


Stage 2: Channel Opening


This is the stage where the Sapphire FUE method differs from other FUE techniques. The channels could not be opened in their natural form with metal tips in the past.  In favour of the special tip of the sapphire, the channels can now be opened at the front, middle and top of the head  that is fine and has the natural length and appearance of the hair. Thanks to its smooth and antibacterial surface, tissue trauma is minimized. Grafts are planted one by one at 20 or 30-degree angles in the area to be planted. Because of the special tip of the sapphire, tissue damage is minimal, and no pit formation is observed in the area where the canal is opened. All these processes allow the hair to be transplanted in a denser and  natural way.


Stage 3: Hair Transplantation


With an expert and professional team, healthy and sufficient hair taken from the donor area is transplanted with a Sapphire pen to the parts of the hair that are sparse, thin or not existent at all. This stage is also very valuable for the patient, the most important point to be considered here is that the grafts taken are transplanted in good health without losing any hair follicles and at the maximum rate. The grafts retrieved are placed in the channels by tissue transplantation method. A serious sensitivity and hygiene should be provided in the placement of the grafts. Special sterile forceps should be used when placing the grafts taken, and they should be carefully placed under the tissue without damaging the grafts. At this stage, the patients do not feel any pain or ache. After the transplantation of the grafts, a rapid recovery occurs in the donor area and no scars are left. Since the hair is taken at intervals, no sparse image is formed in the donor area.


Advantages of Sapphire FUE Technique


  • Hair transplantation to achieve a natural appearance with the least damage and thickness.
  • The hard and smooth tip of the sapphire blades ensures perfect opening of the incisions with minimal tissue damage.
  • In favor of its special tip, hair directions can be given more naturally.
  • Less fluid is injected while opening the canal, resulting in less oedema after treatment.
  • It does not leave any permanent damage to the donor area.
  • The procedure and recovery time is fast.
  • There is no loss of tissue and sensation after the procedure.
  • By means of the initial anesthesia, there is no pain during the procedure at the beginning.


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