Cost & Finance

Financing Your Procedure

Having the surgery you’ve been thinking about for long time can have a very positive impact on your life – and how you pay for your procedure is a very personal decision. Perhaps you’ve saved up for a while and you’re able to pay the whole cost straight away. Or maybe you’d like to spread your payments over a period of time to make it more affordable and fit in with your lifestyle.
The good news is that the cost of your procedure doesn’t need to hold you back. We believe that having treatment should be as easy as possible, without any worries about how you’ll pay for it. We’ve detailed some of the different finance options below which could help you achieve the results you’d like through surgery.

Option 1: Pay in full

One payment, and then you don’t need to think about your surgery cost any more! If you have the funds in place, paying this way can be the easiest – and cheapest – way to fund your treatment.

Option 2: Monthly instalments

Opting to pay for your procedure in monthly instalments can help your surgery dream become a reality. Spreading the cost of your procedure over a longer period makes it more affordable and manageable and helps you to book your surgery without delay. You’ll pay a fixed monthly amount, so you can plan your budget better and keep control of your finances. Setting up a payment plan can be quick and convenient, so you can have your procedure sooner rather than later.
Watch Out for this page, we will soon stablish a new way you can finance with your procedure with us.